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Cathedral Cinema was a conceptual design with the brief asking specifically to create a communal theatre space which connected to the current identity of the site we were given. The area being surrounded primarily by industrial construction sites and connecting to the
Brisbane River, these elements became the focal inspiration for the final design concept.


The heaping mass of concrete grows out of the ground rearing its head like a cement tsunami breaking onto the water below. Pooling out as it touches the water, its grey form spilling out onto the river, transforming into the natural element that controls it. Bending to its will.

The images for this project were photos taken of my final model and then altered and further rendered to create an image of the setting, the movement, and the atmosphere around this design. The original model was created by melting plastic and moulding it, cutting into it with an industrial sanding machine to create spaces for the exposed steel bars overgrown with leafy vines.

Cathedral Cinema.


2017 - Semester 2


Photoshop, Laser Cutter, Model Making

42840807_545239505916774_5350865781447983104_n (1).jpg
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