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Riang Jombang, a joyous invigoration of the Jombang Regency aims to make an exciting and inviting city for both its residents and for tourists. Jombang Regency is rural area in East Java, Indonesia which has a population of 1.236 million people. This city needs a renewed masterplan design to effectively promote social, economical, and environmental sustainability.

Riang Jombang aims to update the city whilst keeping the natural, cultural and traditional aspects and adding to them. To do this, the masterplan focuses on two core ideas to strive towards. Those being Connectivity & Identity. The report that follows goes in depth into the design interventions which aim to integrate these two ideas into the city of Jombang and explain how this achieves a positive and sustainable outcome.

Riang Jombang.


2018 - Semester 1


Master planning, Photoshop,

Masterplan Updated.png
Masterplan Wayfinding.png
Masterplan Green Space.png
Masterplan Mobility.png
Masterplan Connection Over Rail.png
Masterplan Areas.png
Masterplan Building Typology.png
Masterplan Nolli Map.png
Masterplan Lynch.png
Alon Alon Perspective.png
Art College Perspective.png
Street Installation.png
Waterfall Perspective.png
Green Space Journey Perspective.png
Pedestrian Boulevard Perspective.png
Market Place Perspective.png
Green Bridge Perspective.png
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