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Pollination and Propagation project was about creating a design which would help reintegrate and reconnect hoop pine plantations back into the Imbil State Rainforest. My focus in this project was to create two buildings that connect all communities together, both human and animal to create understanding and joy for the species of the area.

The Institutional Anchor is a space for the community to learn about how the can support the biodiversity of the local area from the farm, to their home, to the rainforest. The field station on the other hand is a more private space providing areas for in depth research into the rainforest and plantation and their specific ecosystems. These buildings will work together simultaneously supporting the town and
educating the people while reconnecting previously separated

Pollination & Propogation.


2020 - Semester 2


Revit, Photoshop, InDesign,
Enscape, Illustrator

Exterior RenderNEW-min.png
Exterior Paint RoomNEW-min.png
Break RoomNEW-min.png
Roof Top BalconyNEW-min.png
Exterior ViewNEW-min.png
Font EntranceNEW-min.png
Kitchen SpaceNEW-min.png
Greenhouse 1NEW-min.png
Top LabNEW-min.png
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