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Courtyard Up ViewFinal.png

Galeri Kecantikan, the name of this building means Gallery of Beauty in Indonesian. My vision for this building is to create a dynamic and vibrant art gallery space combined with a workshop and learning environment for young emerging artists. This new building integration focuses on showcasing local talent and enriching the heritage and culture of Jombang.

Vibrant colour and exciting forms is incredibly important for me as a designer which is why this building has such a rich colour scheme with a focus on warm jewel tones through the bright orange radiance of the copper, the hints of colour through the pink, orange and yellow tinted glass which gives an interesting filter throughout the exterior and the interior, the vivid greens created by the foliage, and finally the focal areas which host large murals and installation art throughout the ground floor.


Galeri Kecantikan aims to pay homage to the beautiful traditions and heritage of Jombang and provide an outlet for the artists of the future, a place for the community to connect, engage and share.

Galeri Kecantikan.


2019 - Semester 1


Revit, Photoshop, InDesign, Laser Cutter, Model Making

Angled Front Render No AnnotationsNEW Cropped for website.png
Art Room PerspectiveFinal.png
Ramp Interior Painting 2Final.png
Art Installation Work RoomFinal.png
Art Installation Ramp SectionFinal.png
Installation Art AreaFinal.png
Interior CorridorFinal.png
Drying Room View to ExteriorFinal.png
Batik RampFinal.png
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